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Welcome to The Pocket Dispensary, where your journey to healing & well-being is supported. Our experienced team of cannabis enthusiasts are dedicated to guiding you, offering education, & consultations to empower your buying choices. 

Explore our curated menus & navigate our wide range of products with ease.


The Pocket Dispensary

1195 Florin Rd. Sacramento, CA

Cannabis Dispensary

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First Time visit? Follow These steps


Check in up front

Make sure you have your I.D in hand and ready to step up to the front desk receptionist. If you also have a medical recommendation (not required), hand it to the front desk as well. You must be 21 years of age or be 18 with a valid doctor's recommendation.


Find a seat. Relax

Take a relaxing pause in our lobby, view local sacramento art on the walls or scan our QR codes to take a look at our product menu while you wait.

ThePocket Home

We got it just like DoorDash, only it’s cannabis & we are literally the plug at your door!


Enter The Sales Room

You will be instructed into the sales room when it is your turn. View our selection of flower at our Flower Bar, explore our packaging displays throughout our sales floor, you are welcome to pick up our empty package displays, read ingredients or read about the brands we carry.


Connect With Our Friendly Budtender

Once ready, our friendly and educated budtender will help you by answering any questions you have, give recommendations for products, gather your selection and ring you up.

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we’re here to answer all your questions

Yes we are! The Pocket Dispensary is a state licensed Cannabis Business. We are licensed through the Bureau of Cannabis Control. Our retail license number is Ca #10-0001156-LIC.

Each Adult will have to bring an I.D Card or Medical recommendation for medical patients. Once you’re verified you will be escorted into the sales room. There are no membership fees for the collective.

Unfortunately, we are not yet accepting credit cards. We do currently have an ATM machine.

No, there is no use of cannabis on premises. You are only able to purchase cannabis products at The Pocket Dispensary.